Senja Pollak

Check my Language technologies glossary in Slovene: Pilotni slovarček jezikovnih tehnologij


2014-now: postdoctoral researcher at Jozef Stefan Institute
Domains of interest:
- language technologies
- computational creativity


MUSE (Machine understanding for Interactive StorytElling) (EU project)
WHIM (EU project, computational creativity)
ConCreTe (EU project, computational creativity)
Prosecco (EU supporting project, computational creativity)
JANES (project funded by Slovene research agency)
FORMICA - Influence of formal and informal corporate communications on capital markets (project funded by Slovene research agency)
TermIolar - Terminology management and extraction (Industrial project)


  • Program committee member of: SLATE 2016, 4REAL 2016, ICCC 2016, ICCBR-EC 2015
  • Organizing committee member of: RRNLP2015, ICCC 2014, ESSLLI 2011

  • Resources

    Conceptualization of the CC domain (based on ICCC proceedings) CC resources for download


    2014: Ph.D. in Translation Studies (spec. language technologies) at the Department of Translation, Faculty of Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia
    Title: Semi-automatic domain modeling from multilingual corpora
    Supervisor: prof. dr. Špela Vintar, cosupervisor: prof. Paola Velardi
    Description: The thesis addresses domain modeling from Slovene and English domain texts, focusing on the task of definition extraction. The method is used for extracting definitions for building the glossary of language technologies in Slovene and English.

    2009: Master degree in Computational lingusitics at the University of Antwerp, Belgium
    Title: Text classification of press articles on Kenyan elections
    Supervisor: prof. dr. Walter Daelemans
    Description: The thesis uses text classification techniques for identifying the differencences in reporting of Western and Kenyan media when covering the Kenyan elections in 2007

    2007: Bacchelor's degree in French linguistics and litterature and Sociology of culture (Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana)

    2004: Bacchelor's degree in French linguistics (Maîtrise), Université Paris 3 - Sorbonne Nouvelle


    Selected Papers-Journals

    • POLLAK, Senja, COESEMANS, Roel, DAELEMANS, Walter, LAVRAČ, Nada (2011). Detecting contrast patterns in newspaper articles by combining discourse analysis and text mining. Pragmatics, vol. 21, no. 4, p. 647-683.

    Selected Papers-Conferences

    • MARTINS, Pedro, URBANČIČ, Tanja, POLLAK, Senja, LAVRAČ, Nada, CARDOSO, Amilcar (2015). The good, the bad, and the AHA! Blends. Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Computational Creativity, ICCC 2015, http://axon.cs.byu.edu/ICCC2015proceedings/7.3Martins.pdf

    • POLLAK, Senja, TRDIN, Nejc, VAVPETIČ, Anže, ERJAVEC, Tomaž (2012). NLP web services for Slovene and English : morphosyntactic tagging, lemmatisation and definition extraction. Informatica, , ISSN 0350-5596, 2012, vol. 36, no. 4, str. 441-449

    • SMAILOVIĆ, Jasmina, POLLAK, Senja (2011). Semi-automated construction of a topic ontology from research papers in the domain of language technologies. Human language technologies as a challenge for computer science and linguistics, p. 121-125. LTC'11, 5th Language & Technology Conference, Poznan, Poland, November 2011

    • FIŠER, Darja, POLLAK, Senja, VINTAR, Špela (2010). Learning to mine definitions from Slovene structured and unstructured knowledge-rich resources. Proceedings of LREC 2010, Malta, 17-23 May. Valletta: ELRA: ELDA: ILC, 2010, 5 str. http://www.lrec-conf.org/proceedings/lrec2010/pdf/141_Paper.pdf

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