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Course "Metode in sistemi za podporo odločanja":
Supplementary Sources for English Students

The course
Metode in sistemi za podporo odločanja (Methods and Systems for Decision Support)
is taught at the
University of Nova Gorica, School of Engineering and Management, Master in Engineering and Management (Second Level).

Aims of the Course


  1. Introduction to Decision Support: slides and an overview paper
  2. Introduction to Decision Analysis: slides and a book chapter on decision trees
  3. Multi-Attribute Decision Models: slides and a book chapter on MCDA software
  4. Method AHP (Analytical Hierarchy Process) and supporting software:
    Students are requested to find the corresponding teaching materials on their own
  5. Method DEX and software DEXi: paper and manual
  6. Applications: slides and a paper describing a specific application (evaluating researchers)
  7. Sample examination questions (relevant topics: 1-8 and 10)
  8. Other useful sources and links: IJS Decision Support Resources

Practical assignment

Assignment Topic and Tasks

  1. [30%] Choose a decision problem of your own and:
    1. define and describe this problem
    2. formulate stages of this decision process
    3. describe its properties
  2. [10%] Related work:
    1. describe the current state of solving the problem in your environment
    2. search for literature describing similar problems and their solutions
    3. make an overview of existing models and systems supporting similar decision tasks
  3. [40%] Develop your own decision model and evaluate/analyse your alternatives
  4. [20%] Present your work

Procedure and Requirements

  1. Each student is required to make their Practical Assignment and write a report.
  2. The report must be sent by e-mail to no later than the indicated deadline. Sending reports for earlier previews is encouraged.
  3. A final printed version of the report must be handed to the examiner at the presentation/examination event.
  4. Examinations: Each student should give a 10-minutes oral presentation of their work (accompanied by slides).
  5. Discussion and oral examination will take place immediately after each student's presentation.

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