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Decision Support (DS) is a wide area aimed at supporting people who are faced with difficult decisions. For this, it provides a rich collection of decision analysis, simulation, optimization and modeling techniques, which include hierarchical multi-attribute models, decision trees, influence diagrams and belief networks. Also, DS involves software tools such as decision support systems, group decision support and mediation systems, expert systems, databases and warehouses.

Decision Support Systems (DSS) are interactive computer-based systems intended to help decision makers utilize data and models to identify and solve problems and make decisions. The major characteristics of a DSS are:

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The work at our Department of Knowledge Technologies has been primarily focused to the research and development of decision analysis models and tools, and their application in complex real-life decision problems. To help decision makers structure and decompose decision problems, we mainly use qualitative hierarchical decision models, which are characterised by using qualitative (symbolic) variables instead of quantitative (numeric) ones, and using if-then rules to aggregate the variables within the model. Our primary software tool is DEXi.



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