Workshop Machine Learning Modalities for Materials Science


The »Jožef Stefan« Institute is organizing a workshop titled Machine Learning Modalities for Materials Science (ML4MS 2024), which will be held between the 13th and the 17th of May, 2024. Join us in exploring the applications of machine learning in materials science, learning from world-renowned experts from companies (such as Google, Microsoft and IBM), as well as universities (Cambridge University, Humboldt University, University of Washington, Technical University of Munich) and institutes (Max Planck Institute) , and take part in the discussions about the latest developments in the field of materials discovery and design.

 The workshop ML4MS 2024 will include:

  • 18 invited lectures, given by world-renowned experts from Slovenia and abroad,
  • 10 oral contributions and
  • 74 poster presentations.

The event will consist of two parts. The first part will comprise introductory lectures and hands-on tutorials (first two days), while the second part (last two days) will showcase the newest advances in machine learning for materials science.

Participation in the workshop is free of charge. Registration for online attendance is still possible. For more information, please visit


The ML4MS 2024 workshop connects two very important fields: the field of artificial intelligence, which includes machine learning, and the field of materials science. Both fields are among the strongest scientific fields in Slovenia. According to the latest report, among the top 2% influential (most cited) scientists worldwide, there are 172 scientists from Slovenia: Among these, the field of materials science is most represented with 20 scientists, followed by the field of artificial intelligence with 16 scientists (

Materials science is immensely important for addressing a range of problems in modern society, from clean energy to environmental protection. Slovenian scientists investigate materials used as catalysts for generating hydrogen, materials that can be used to build nuclear fusion reactors, as well as materials used in anti-corrosive protection.

The ML4MS 2024 workshop will offer unique and deep insigths into most recent cutting-edge developments at the intersection of machine learning and materials science. The event will be introduced at two opening sessions, one for each part of the event. These will take place at 2pm on Monday, 13.5 and 2pm on Wednesday, 15.5.

You are cordially invited!