Smart mobility measures for sustainable mobility in Slovenia
Pametne rešitve za trajnostno mobilnost v Sloveniji

No. of contract:

from 01.05.2022 to 30.04.2024





Norway Grants and EEA Grants 2014–2021

Programme priority: Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation


Purpose and goal of the project:

The main purpose of the SmartMOVE project is the preparation of strategies and the implementation of mobility plans, which will justify the need for systematic development of infrastructure for the development of multimodality in the region. Within the project, a system of dynamic collective passenger transport will be developed as a sustainable alternative to existing transport modalities. Concrete policy recommendations for decision-makers in the field of sustainable mobility will be prepared. By developing mobility plans to manage sustainable mobility in high-traffic locations, the project will contribute to improved mobility management. The main goal of the project is to limit the negative environmental impacts resulting from unsustainable forms of mobility and the long-term development of sustainable mobility, to which it will contribute in various ways.

Expected project results:

  • Raising awareness of the importance of sustainable mobility between employers and employees and preparing the process for obtaining a special certificate for sustainable mobility.
  • Designing a methodology and development of sustainability plans for organizations that employ a larger number of people and are located on main mobility hubs.
  • Pilot establishing of a sustainable mobility solution for transport to LUR with dynamic collective passenger transport.
  • Preparing recommendations for strategic orientations of the competent bodies of the Republic of Slovenia in the field of sustainable mobility and proposals for the improvement and upgrading of the existing Integrated Transport Strategy of the Ljubljana Urban Region.

Project partners:

  • Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region (Lead partner)
  • Jožef Stefan Institute
  • Ljubljana Urban Institute d.d.
  • ZDS (Association of Employers of Slovenia)
  • GoOpti d.o.o.
  • IPoP – Institute for Spatial Policy
  • Center of Energy Efficiency Solutions (CER)
  • Nordland Research Institute


Total value of the project:  1.609.166,79 EUR

Norway Grants and EEA Grants 2014–2021 co-financing (100 %): EUR 1.609.166,79

Project value for JSI: 151.786,29 EUR

Download PDF with project details.


Project reports:

DS T3: Development, Introduction and Management of the Sustainable Mobility Certificate
Task T3.1: State-of-the-Art Analysis

The document presents the results of the project activity T3.1: State-Of-The-Art Analysis
as the first stage of development, introduction and management of the sustainable mobility certificate.
We have collected and summarized information about professional and scientific approaches to the management of
sustainable mobility and on the state of projects, recommendations and comparable certificates in Slovenia and
abroad. We have identified the decisions that will be addressed in the next stages of the project:
evaluating modes of transport and effects of changes considering a particular route, assessing mobile
plans and their effects on employers, and defining the criteria for the “Green Certificate”.
We have summarized over 100 economic, environmental and social indicators and criteria used or proposed
n similar projects.

You can download full report (in Slovenian) or summary of report (in English).