LiLaH - The linguistic landscape of hate speech on social media
LiLaH - Jezikovna krajina sovražnega govora na družbenih omrežjih

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from 01.03.2019 to 28.02.2023


Hate speech online is a widespread social phenomenon that frequently receives a lot of media attention. We are interested in the language that is being used to express hate in social media, specifically hate against migrants and LGBT people. After gathering enough examples from public Facebook pages, we will develop methods to automatically analyze the language in these texts. The analysis will be on different levels. Some simple forms of analysis include counting words, looking at spelling mistakes, and investigating grammatical aspects. In the more complex analysis we will examine the use of metaphors, the context of the hate speech and how the hate speech can be implicit in the text, rather than overtly present. Apart from the linguistic description of this phenomenon, we strive to build systems that can automatically recognize hate speech in social media text.