Multilingual and Multifaceted Interactive Information Access
Večjezični in večplastni interaktivni dostop do informacij

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from 28.07.2010 to 29.11.2014

The tremendous power and speed of current search engines to respond, almost instantaneously to millions of user queries on a daily basis is one of the greatest successes of the past decade. While this technology empowers users need to extract relevant information from the hundreds of thousands of terabytes of existing data available on the web, the next decade presents many new grand challenges.

The new demands means that search technology must be able to search, filter, extract, combine, integrate, and process multiple and distributed sources of multilingual content, delivered to an even wider global audience and variety of population. Inevitably, Multilingual and Multifaceted Interactive Information Access (MUMIA) research and development will be a key part of the next generation of search technology

MUMIA will coordinate the collaboration between the different technologies that will be needed for the development of the future of search.


The main objectives of MUMIA are the following:

  • To initiate the knowledge exchange and the integration process of Machine Translation, Information Retrieval and Multifaceted Interactive Information Access
  • To develop, in a pan European level, a better infrastructure for the next generation of search systems in large-scale digital environments.

A detailed list of primary and secondary objectives can be found in the main web of MUMIA.