Corporate investment as the key to building a sustainable company: building a theoretical model and multimethod empirical analysis
Investicije kot ključ do izgradnje trajnostnega podjetja: izgradnja teoretičnega modela in multi-metodološka empirična analiza

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from 01.10.2022 to 30.09.2025


The project takes a comprehensive approach to building a sustainable society by taking a bottom-up approach and asserting that a business shift toward sustainability is critical in all three dimensions (economic, social, environmental). The project:
1) Builds a theoretical framework for a “sustainable company” and establishes a set of determinants for corporate transformation towards sustainable companies in all dimensions (economic, social, environmental);
2) Evaluates the current situation in Slovenian companies (and EU);
3) Evaluates the investments towards a sustainable company in Slovenian firms and in the EU;
4) Evaluates the gap between existing and required investments to achieve a sustainable company;
5) Provides managerial and policy implications.

The project is based on a multi-method approach, which is already evident in the data sources used. Due to the complexity of sustainable investments in companies, in addition to secondary public data sources (for macroeconomic and industry data, SORS, Eurostat, European Investment Bank, OECD, IMF), rich databases of protected micro-data (firm-level and employee registers) as well as other official datasets (survey data at SORS, annual accounts at SORS, data on subsidies to companies), and primary data sources (own survey data collection and in-depth interviews) will be used.

Due to the diversity of the data, various methodological approaches will be used, ranging from bibliometric analysis and classical literature review to econometric analysis, structural models, and qualitative analysis.