Innovative Monitoring Systems and Prevention Policies of Online Hate Speech
Inovativno spremljanje sovražnega govora na spletu in smernice za njegovo preprečevanje

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from 01.03.2020 to 31.05.2022

The IMSyPP project is tackling hate speech in a multidisciplinary fashion combining machine learning, computational social science and linguistic approaches to support a data-driven approach to hate speech regulation, prevention and awareness-raising.

The IMSyPP project addresses the following needs:

  • Automated detection and sustainable monitoring of hate speech is being addressed by near-real-time hate speech detection models tuned to language, culture and legislation, taking into account the context of the message.
  • Understanding of triggers and facilitators of hate speech spreading by identifying terms, entities, concepts that appear to trigger hate speech in online discussions.
  • Alternative- and counter-narratives emphasize the need to de-construct and weaken violent narratives.
  • Increase awareness and media literacy on all levels: the general audience, especially the youth, civil servants, educators, journalists, media players, on-line platforms, regulators and politicians.
  • Resources for science in form of high quality annotated corpora.

The IMSyPP project is developing models for automated hate speech detection and tracking four European languages (English, Italian, Slovenian and Dutch). By applying the models to a large dataset, we will study hate speech manifestations chronologically and geographically.