Fostering Language Resources Network
Razvoj mreže jezikovnih virov

No. of contract:

Type of project:
from 01.09.2008 to 31.12.2011


Projectpartner of Flarenet which addressed the development and exploitation of Language Resources (LRs) and Language Technology (LT) that will enable easy and natural access to the wealth of information and knowledge encapsulated in (written, spoken, multimodal) digital documents. FLaReNet expectation is to achieve:

  • the largest network of LR and HLT players, ready to discuss information and knowledge on LRs and LT, and with appropriate mechanisms to share such information and disseminate it widely
  • an extended picture of LRs and a recasting of its definition in the light of recent scientific, methodological, technological, social development
  • a consolidation of methods and approaches, common practices, frameworks and architectures
  • a roadmap identifying areas where consensus has been achieved or is emerging vs. areas where additional discussion and testing is required, together with an indication of priorities
  • a set of recommendations in the form of a plan of coherent actions for the EU and national organizations
  • a European model for the LRs of the next years.
  • Bringing together the diverse approaches, efforts and technologies represented by its membership, FLaReNet will enable even greater progress toward community consensus.