European Soil-Biology Data Warehouse for Soil Protection
Evropska zbirka talnih bioloških podatkov za varstvo tal

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from 11.07.2019 to 31.12.2023


The EUdaphobase COST Action aims to create the structures and procedures necessary for developing an open Europe-wide soil biodiversity data infrastructure. European authorities and stakeholders urgently need reliable tools for monitoring and evaluating the environmental condition of soils within policy assessment in context of numerous EU directives. The ultimate goal of EUdaphobase is to establish a pan- European soil-biological data and knowledge warehouse, which can be used for understanding, protecting and sustainably managing soils, their biodiversity and functions.

The project group from the Jožef Stefan Institute, department of Knowledge Technology, leads the Working Group 6: Data modelling and Assessment tool. The main task of the JSI group is data analysis and modelling using data mining and machine learning methods. The JSI group also shares information about the COST action with the Slovenian scientific, professional and general public and supports them to join the COST Action.