Data Mining and Decision Support: Integration and Collaboration (The Springer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, 745)

Dunja Mladenic (Editor), Nada Lavrač (Editor), Marko Bohanec (Editor), Steve Moyle (Editor)
2003, Springer
Series Title:
ISBN: 978-1402073885

Data mining deals with finding patterns in data that are by user-definition, interesting and valid. It is an interdisciplinary area involving databases, machine learning, pattern recognition, statistics, visualization and others.
Decision support focuses on developing systems to help decision-makers solve problems. Decision support provides a selection of data analysis, simulation, visualization and modeling techniques, and software tools such as decision support systems, group decision support and mediation systems, expert systems, databases and data warehouses.

Independently, data mining and decision support are well-developed research areas, but until now there has been no systematic attempt to integrate them. Data Mining and Decision Support: Integration and Collaboration, written by leading researchers in the field, presents a conceptual framework, plus the methods and tools for integrating the two disciplines and for applying this technology to business problems in a collaborative setting.