Article Evaluation of the Effects of On-Demand Dynamic Transportation of Employees to Their Workplaces in Ljubljana was published


On-demand dynamic transportation is an innovative information-technology supported service that enables passengers to book and configure their rides. It is foreseen as a promising service to improve the sustainable mobility of citizens and alleviate traffic problems. In this paper, we present the results of a three-month pilot implementation of dynamic transportation of employees from their homes to their workplaces. The transports were managed by the company GoOpti, d.o.o., they were free and took place using vans on the routes connecting the cities Kamnik and Kranj with two areas (BTC and UKC) in Ljubljana. The project was very successful in terms of sustainable mobility: it attracted users that normally drive passenger cars, travel times were comparable to conventional modes of transportation and users were very satisfied with the service, while substantially reducing (from 30% to 70%) the emissions of CO2, NOx and solid particles. However, two challenges for the future still remain: improving the occupancy rate of vehicles and bridging the gap between the economic price and users’ willingness to pay for the service.


Article from Marko Bohanec, Marko Guček, Davor Kontić, Karina Sirk, Bernard Ženko, Martin Žnidaršič: Evaluation of the effects of on-demand dynamic transportation of employees to their workplaces in Ljubljana was published in proceedings of Information Society conference (2023).