Adidas and Lululemon with the research of our department to new women’s sport shoes


In December 2019, Prof. dr. Sašo Džeroski from the Department of knowledge technologies from “Jožef Stefan” Institute, Aleš Jurca from the Swedish company Volumental and doc. dr. Jure Žabkar from the Faculty of Computer Science and Informatics of the University of Ljubljana published the article Analysis of 1.2 million foot recordings from North America, Europe and Asia in Scientific Report, published by Nature Portfolio. The research confirmed the existence of many statistically significant differences in average foot measurements between regions and between genders and a large spread of foot measurements within each group of people. It also appears to have set new standards for footwear finishing methods and measurements. The Adidas company produced a new women’s sports shoe after the latest research and mentioned the authors of the research on the advertising site, while the Canadian company Lululemon created a women’s sports shoe for the first time using the results of the research and received the FNNA Launch of the Year award, which is considered a kind of Oscar at in the field of footwear.

You can watch video here.