A Program for Pretty Drawing of DEXi Trees

Version 0.94


DEXiTree is a companion program to DEXi, aimed at making nice drawings of DEXi's trees of attributes. Actually, DEXiTree is quite a general and powerful tree-drawing program that:

Please see some DEXiTree screenshots.


DEXiTree is implemented in Delphi and is available for Microsoft Windows. The latest version is 0.94 and is compatible with DEXi 4.01 and later.

Download DEXiTree Version 0.94:

No installation is required; just unpack the zip file and run DEXiTree.exe.


DEXiTree is typically used in the following steps:

  1. load (File/Open) a DEXi model from a .dxi file;
  2. interactively alter DEXiTree's drawing parameters until you are satisfied with the drawing;
  3. save the drawing to a file (File/Save as...) or transfer it to other applications through the clipboard (Edit/Copy).

Drawings can be saved and/or transferred in two different graphic formats:

DEXiTree uses its own XML-based "DEXiTree file" format (.dxt) for representing the currently drawn tree of attributes and corresponding drawing parameters, DEXiTree can both load (File/Open) and save (File/Save as...) such files. Loading can be selective so that only a tree structure or only drawing parameters are loaded from file, leaving the other component intact.

See the file DEXiTree.txt for more detailed instructions and conditions of use.

If you use this software for any purpose, an acknowledgment/citation in your product and an informative message to the author would be appreciated.

Copyright © 2007-2015 Marko Bohanec. All rights reserved.


Editing of trees is not supported in DEXiTree. Use DEXi to modify the structure of trees.

DEXiTree has been provided in the hope that it will be useful, but without warranty of any kind.

Any feedback on DEXiTree will be greatly appreciated. Please send your comments, suggestions, bug reports, etc., to Marko Bohanec.


Last update: December 16, 2014