DEXiTree Screenshots

CAR Evaluation Model

CAR Model

This is a tree structure of the "CAR Evaluation" model that is typically distributed together with DEXi. To reproduce this drawing in DEXiTree, load the file CAR.dxt and, if necessary, set the tree-drawing direction to "Top-Down" and the tree-drawing algorithm to "Walker".

ESQI Model

ESQI Model

This is a drawing of a more complex ESQI (ECOGEN Soil Quality Index) model. Please notice the difference between aggregate (blue), basic (yellow) and linked (gray) attributes. To reproduce the drawing, load ESQI.dxt into DEXiTree, set the drawing direction to "Top-Down" and set the algorithm to "QP".

ESQI2 Model

This is an alternative drawing of the same model, using the "Left-Right" direction, "Align" drawing algorithm and drawing settings as defined in the file ESQI2.dxt.