Download gene annotations

[Download 01.09.2007] gene annotations with GO & KEGG terms.

The format of the file is the following:

[gene_ID, list_of_terms]

  • gene_ID is the unique identifier of the gene [positive integer], that used in the ENTREZ database,
  • list_of_terms is a list of GO & KEGG terms provided in the following format: GO:nnnnnnn or KEGG:nnnnn, respectively.

These annotations were extracted from the original plain text file:
annotations by GO terms and annotations by KEGG terms.

Gene annotations

The gene annotations are composed of attributes that describe the names and the structural and functional characteristics of known genes, the tissues in which the genes are expressed, the gene's protein products, the known relationship among genes, the gene's correlation with different patologies and the biochemical pathways in which they are involved. At present, the gene functional annotations are probably those carrying the most interesting information and their analysis could hihglight new biological knowledge such as identification of functional relationships among genes of the involvment of specific genes in pathological process.