Download gene interactions

[Download 01.09.2007] gene-gene interactions.

The format of the file is the following:

[gene_ID, list_of_gene_ID's]

  • gene_ID is the unique identifier of the gene [positive integer], that used in the ENTREZ database,
  • list_of_gene_ID's is a list of genes that interact with gene_ID.

These interactions were extracted from the original plain text file located on the ENTREZ ftp site.

Gene-Gene interactions

Protein/gene interactions assemble the molecular machines of the cell, underlie the dynamics of virtually all cellular responses and reveal functional relationships between and within regulatory modules. The sum of all such interactions defines the global regulatory network of the cell.
Microarray and proteomic platform technologies now generate large datasets of protein and genetic interactions, but these datasets vary widely in coverage, data quality, annotation and availability. The assembling and collecting gene interaction data in a consistent, well-annotated format is essential for interrogation of gene function, investigation of system level attributes and benchmarking of high throughput interaction studies.
A number of interaction databases, including BIND, BioGRID, EcoCyc and HPRD, provide a variety of datasets and analysis tools. ENTREZ (among other functionality) is a repository for interaction datasets (BIND, BioGRID, EcoCyc and HPRD) to house and distribute comprehensive collections of physical and genetic interactions. The interaction data in ENTREZ database is freely downloadable, interaction data is updated regularly, and downloadable files are refreshed to reflect the most recent changes.