Intelligent secretary systems

Well come to my boaring stuff !! If you want to bore some more you read about my operating system. I'm still young but old enough to know my stuff and treat the boss, and use a smelling checker.

You want to know the secret how to be good secretary? Secret of good secretary is be no bad secretary. So, DON'T

  • be always out on lunch and coffee breakings
  • put stuff on nails and lips in office
  • talk of stuff and members lots but not talk own stuff
  • ask members personal too much

You too can so become intelligent a secretary system if you learn some simple rules: DO what I tell you down of here, and every body will go look for you to give you money to be secretary:

  • First, you learn the first of rules: you are not the boss, Boss is the boss. That is most import ant. You must show Boss that you support all he decides on stuff.
  • Second, keep some stuff from Boss and for your self. Members of the stuff can tell you things they don't tell Boss. So, stuff some stuff the stuff is telling you. All so, Boss can tell you things that he don't tell to members, so there you go conclude.
  • Third, you are the center of the stuff and that is oh so good for you. Cause lots of stuff deep ends on you, so try be nice to members and help all do their stuff.

This stuff sound like sh*ts to you? Well, be leave me, or go and stuff your self and browse some where else. Enough for wise.

Disclaimer: All this stuff I say above is right my own and don't reflect the Boss or deep art meant.

All characters and events portrayed in this moving page are purely fictitious and any resemblance to actual members or institutions is strictly confidential :-)