A Program for Multi-Attribute Decision Making

Version 5.05


DEXi is a computer program for multi-attribute decision making. It is aimed at interactive development of qualitative multi-attribute decision models and the evaluation of options. This is useful for supporting complex decision-making tasks, where there is a need to select a particular option from a set of possible ones so as to satisfy the goals of the decision maker. A multi-attribute model is a hierarchical structure that represents the decomposition of the decision problem into subproblems, which are smaller, less complex and possibly easier to solve than the complete problem.

Models developed by DEXi are qualitative and generally consist of qualitative (discrete) attributes. This makes DEXi particularly suitable for solving sorting/classification decision-analysis tasks, where options need to placed in a finite number of predefined categories.

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Development and history
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DEXi is implemented in Delphi and runs on Microsoft Windows platforms. It can be used free of charge.

The latest DEXi version is 5.05 and is available in two languages:

Installer [.exe]Installer [.msi]Portable
English: DEXi505en_setup.exe
Slovene: DEXi505si_setup.exe

User's Manual

With links: DEXiManual505.pdf
Printer friendly: DEXiManual505p.pdf

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For any questions about DEXi, please contact Marko Bohanec. Any feedback on your experience with DEXi will be greatly appreciated.

Last update: May 10, 2021