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professor: prof. dr. Nada Lavrač

professor: doc. dr. Petra Kralj Novak

professor: doc. dr. Martin Žnidaršič


Scheduled lectures and course materials in school year 2020/2021

The lectures will be held by Zoom video conference.

10.11.202015h - 17hprof. dr. Nada Lavrač
17.11.202015h - 17hdoc. dr. Petra Kralj Novak
24.11.202015h - 17hprof. dr. Nada Lavrač
1.12.202015h - 17hdoc. dr. Petra Kralj Novak
8.12.202015h - 17hdoc. dr. Martin Žnidaršič
15.12.202015h - 16hdoc. dr. Petra Kralj Novak
16h - 17hdoc. dr. Martin Žnidaršič
22.12.202015h - 18hdoc. dr. Petra Kralj Novak - Oral exam
19.1.2021 15h - 18hprof. dr. Nada Lavrač


Hands-on materials: dr. Petra Kralj Novak


  1. J. Fuernkranz, D. Gamberger and N. Lavrač, Book: Foundations of Rule Learning, Chapter: Machine Learning and Data Mining, Springer, 2012
  2. N. Lavrač, V. Podpečan, M. Robnik-Šikonja, Book: Representation Learning, Chapter: Propositionalization and Embeddings

Recommended background reading

  1. Bramer, Max: Principles of Data Mining (2007)

Course requirements

  1. Data mining seminar from advanced data mining topics

Examples of data mining seminars:

Ideas for seminars

  1. Analyze some data where you are the domain expert, use at least two algorithms
  2. Find some interesting data to analyze, possible sources:


Useful links

Link to last year's web page - Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery 2019/2020
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