Martin Žnidaršič
Department of Knowledge Technologies
Jožef Stefan Institute
Jamova cesta 39
SI - 1000 Ljubljana

Phone: +386 1 477 3366

From 10th of June 2012 to 10th of June 2013 I'm at KU LEUVEN:

Martin Žnidaršič
Department of Computer Science
(Declarative Languages and Artificial Intelligence)
KU Leuven
Celestijnenlaan 200a
3001 Leuven

Phone: +32 16 3 27665


Decision support (systems and analysis) and machine learning. I am studying and developing methods for decision modelling under uncertainty and methods for data-based knowledge revision in hierarchical rule-based models of DEX methodology. The results of both methodological fields are put to practice mainly in environmental domains. Some of the developed methodology gets incorporated in a software tool proDEX, whereas applications and specific solutions are most often implemented as web applications.


Journal papers (selection):

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Conference papers (selection):

  • Žnidaršič, M., Bohanec, M.: Handling uncertainty in DEX methodology. Uncertainty and Robustness in Planning and Decision Making (URPDM 2010), Coimbra-Portugal. 15.-17.4.2010, Coimbra, 2010. [PDF]

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  • I recently reviewed for:

    • Information Processing and Management


  • FIRST : Large scale information extraction and integration infrastructure for supporting financial decision making.
    ( FP7 ICT-257928 ), 2010-2013.

  • e-LICO : An e-Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Collaborative Research in Data Mining and Data-Intensive Sciences.
    ( FP7 ICT-231519 ), 2009-2012.

  • HEALTHREATS : Integrated decision support system for health threats and crises management.
    ( FP6 STREP 150107 ), 2007-2010.

  • Co-Extra : GM and non-GM supply chains: their CO-EXistence and TRAceability.
    ( FP6-FOOD-2005-7158 ), 2006-2009.

  • SIGMEA : Sustainable introduction of genetically modified crops into European agriculture.
    ( FP6-SSP1-2002-502981 ), 2004-2006.

  • ECOGEN : Soil ecological and economic evaluation of genetically modified crops.
    ( FP5-QLK5-2002-01666 ), 2003-2006.