Command-Line Utility for Batch Evaluation of DEXi Options


DEXiEval is a command-line utility program for batch evaluation of options (decision alternatives) using a DEXi model. Basically, DEXiEval reads a DEXi model from a DEXi file and loads option data from another input file. It evaluates these options and writes the evaluation results to output option data files. In one turn, DEXiEval can create several output files in different formats.


DEXiEval is implemented in Delphi (for Windows) and Lazarus/FPC (for Linux). The latest version is 5.3 and is compatible with DEXi 5.3 or later.

Linux: DEXiEval503.tgz

No installation is required; just unpack the archive and run DEXiEval. Both 32-bit and 64-bit binaries are available for each operating system.


See the file DEXiEval.txt for detailed instructions and conditions of use.

If you use this software for any purpose, an acknowledgment in your product and an informative message to the author would be appreciated.

Previous versions

Version 4.0

Linux: DEXiEval40.tgz

Version 2.0

Linux: DEXiEval20.tgz

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Last update: August 24, 2017