Intelligent Systems IS 2012
a subconference of the 15th International Multiconference
Information Society 2012
October 10, 2012
Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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o Conference Themes

The Intelligent Systems conference is a traditional conference of the Multiconference Information Society. The conference has a wide scope. It addresses all aspects of Information Society and, particularly, of Intelligent Systems, i.e., computer-based systems in Information Society. The Information Society is changing the world and affecting Slovene society. Which are the trends, perspectives, advantages and disadvantages, opportunities and threats, of the Information Society and Intelligent Systems? What kind of problems can be solved by Intelligent Systems? How to design and develop them? How to use them in practice, and what are the experiences?

The conference will address the following themes:

  • intelligent systems
  • artificial intelligence
  • intelligent agents
  • data mining
  • decision systems and decision support systems
  • evolutionaty computing and genetic algorithms
  • machine learning
  • semantic Web and ontologies
  • ambiental intelligence
  • Internet and other "...nets"
  • global information society trends
  • intelligent systems and Slovenia
  • Intelligent and Computer Systems in:
    • economy,
    • science, research and development,
    • education,
    • banking,
    • insurance,
    • medicine and health care,
    • government,
    • communication,
    • services,
    • ... and elsewhere.

o Instruction for Authors

The Program Committee invites the authors of relevant papers to present state-of-the-art, development issues and future trends in the areas mentioned above. Academic as well as engineering applications are all welcome. Authors are invited to submit a complete paper not exceeding 4 pages, written in English or Slovene. A sample in Microsoft Word is available at

The authors should submit their papers through EasyChair. Acceptable formats are Word (recommended) and PDF.

The papers will be reviewed by the Program Committee. The accepted contributions will be published in conference proceedings, which will be made available to participants upon registration.

After the Conference, the Program Committee will make a selection of (about two to four) best papers written in English and propose them for publication in an extended form in the journal Informatica.

o Programme

An invited speaker will present state-of-the-art review of the field. The presentations will be organised in sessions depending on their topics and language of presentation. By default, the presentations will be given in the same language as in the published papers. Time allocated for each presentation will be approximately between 10 and 20 minutes (to be precisely announced in the final conference schedule).

o Important Dates

NOTE: the deadlines have been extended

September 9, 2012: Submission deadline
September 15, 2012: Acceptance notification
September 20, 2012: Deadline for revised camera-ready papers
September 25, 2012: Final Programme of the conference

o Program Committee

Marko Bohanec, IJS (co-chair)
Matjaž Gams, IJS (co-chair)
Tomaž Banovec, Statistični zavod
Cene Bavec, UP, FM
Jaro Berce, UL, FDV
Marko Bonač, ARNES
Ivan Bratko, UL, FRI in IJS
Dušan Caf, FIŠ
Bojan Cestnik, Temida
Aleš Dobnikar, CVI
Bogdan Filipič, IJS
Nikola Guid, FERI
Borka Jerman Blažič, IJS
Tomaž Kalin, DANTE
Marjan Krisper, FRI
Marjan Mernik, FERI
Vladislav Rajkovič, FOV
Ivo Rozman, FERI
Niko Schlamberger, Informatika
Tomaž Seljak, IZUM
Miha Smolnikar, IJS
Peter Stanovnik, IER
Damjan Strnad, FERI
Peter Tancig, RZ
Pavle Trdan, Lek
Iztok Valenčič, GZ
Vasja Vehovar, FDV
Martin Žnidaršič, IJS

o In Cooperation With:

ACM Slovenia
SLAIS, Slovenian Artificial Intelligence Society
Slovenian Society Informatika
SAES, Slovenian Academy of Engineering Science

o Further Information

Further information is available at, on tel. 01 477 36 44, and fax. 01 477 31 31.

Last update: September 4, 2012