Data sets: Ringkobing fjord

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Short description

In experiments with the Ringkobing data, we illustrate that the our knowledge-based modeling framework allows for the use of partial model specification. In such a case, human expert specifies only some parts of the model structure and leaves others unspecified or partly specified. Our framework can be used then to determine both the structure and parameters of the unspecified parts.

An example of such a task is modeling water level variation in Ringkobing fjord, a shallow estuary located at the Danish west coast, where it experiences mainly easterly and westerly winds. Wind forcing causes large short term variation of the water level measured at the gate between the estuary and the North Sea. Domain experts specified a partial model for the temporal variation of the water level in the estuary.

Long description and data

Task description (PDF File) | Original data: 1st part and 2nd part | Lagramge data set

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