Hi there! Nice of you to drop by. You have finnally found what you were looking for (just kiddin'). You have found

Damjan Demsar's Home page

OK, here is some information about me : I was born 17th April 1973 in Jesenice ( a close up , some info ) Slovenia . And at the present I live about 15km west of my birthtown in a (even) smaller place, called Mojstrana

In 1996 I graduated in Computer Science at Faculty of Computer Engineering which is a part of University of Ljubljana . In 1999 I finished MSc and in 2003 I finished my PhD in Computer Science at the same faculty.

For the time of my studies I have a job as a resercher at
Institut Jozef Stefan , Department of Knowledge Technologies , Jamova 39, SI-1000 Ljubljana (my Phone: +386 1 477 3343, Fax: +386 1 477 3131)

As you should see from the links at left side of the page I'm interested in formula 1 (and other kinds of motorracing), I waste ( :) ) my time on IRC (#f1 mostly), am an amateur photographer and play soccer with some friends.

On a few occasions I joined some of my hobbies (mostly photography with the others) and some of the results are (too bee) seen on these pages.

Oh yea, if you are interested in my work, you should check out my official page.

Actually my name is not written like that. It should be written more like this: , but since central european fonts dont work everywhere I'll keep it simple and use Demsar.